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Our Vision

Enable an equal economy, where any business, person and community 

can easily participate and profit from local commerce

Our Mission

We want to make advanced e-commerce technologies accessible to all people. 


We are building from scratch the first ever truly self service professional

e-commerce platform, for non-professionals. 

We are MyPips, nice to meet you 

Shai Salhov, Co-Founder and CEO @ MyPips
Shai Salhov, Co-Founder and CEO @ MyPips

" Well, hi 👋 . That’s us.
We are only beginning to scratch the surface - we are making e-commerce as easy as texting so every single person in the world can start and scale a local e-commerce business. 

Let’s face it. The tech world and specifically e-commerce platforms address the pain points of professionals. And even more so, of enterprises. That does not help small businesses so much, nor your local community. They’re struggle is ours. 
So we’ve decided to build from scratch the first ever truly self service professional e-commerce platform, for non-professionals. We’re building advanced e-commerce technologies and making them accessible to all people - and there couldn’t be something more satisfying than that. 

Let’s talk about accessibility -
Accessibly is the practical twin of equality. Without equal access to resources, knowledge, tools, markets, people, etc. - we will never have equal economies and societies. We’re building MyPips equally for everyone. No one is vip. No one is too small. 


In the last several years, MyPips, has focused on our intimate community with early customers.

Now, after speaking with literally thousands of  businesses and serving hundreds as customers, we decided it’s time to take it a step further. 

In the upcoming months we’ll be working on turning MyPips into a global platform and open it up for more countries. 


Stay tuned… 🚀 "

Ready? Want to position yourself as part of future of Local Direct Sales 

Our Clients Say

packing and delivery day of hundreds orders - @Anatiyot
Anatyiot_logo (food hub)
"This is our order system as of January 2020, a user-friendly system for couriers, packers, and of course managers. Thanks to it, we manage to manage a huge amount of orders efficiently, quickly, and accurately. Thanks MyPips - you came to us just in time"

Anat Reshef Gilad, owner @Anatiyot (Food Hub)

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