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The Easiest Way
for Local Businesses
to Sell Online like a Pro

Sell your products in an advanced store that customer love. Manage all in one place with ease with countless built-in automations.
Collaborate with your community, employees and partners, with fully control and visibility on their performance.

Scale effortlessly without worrying about technology.

The amazing store back-office dashboard - desktop view
The amazing store back-office dashboard - mobile view

How Successful Direct Sales

Business work with their  Employees & Partners ?

Without MyPips -  this is how collabration between with employees and partners looks like

without MyPips

No more stacks of printed pages passing.
No more spreadsheets that don't update.
No more spending on marketing channels that don't translate into orders.
No more writing customers request as notes on order papers

No more
not knowing where things stand...

With MyPips -  Unlocking collaboration in one private network with full control and transparency

with MyPips

Unlocking collaboration in one private network with full control and transparency


Why People Love Us?

Zero Setup
& Super Easy

Our technology allows everyone to start a fully functioning store and business workflows in 2 minutes with zero setup and hardware.

We help you build the right online store for your business, and the right processes to mange your business successfully.

Zero setup and super easy


In order to scale and get more orders, you will need to work with peoples

MyPips simple access management enables real-time collaboration between all parties.

Our goal is to help you grow with maximum efficiency, and minimum effort in marketing

Real-time collaboration


The more stores, the better the coverage is of all local foods in one place.

We set ourselves the goal of building the online store that customers love by creating the most fun and fast shopping experience possible

Seamless Experience

Mobile First

You can update the store, support customers and even  track the pace of packing direct from your mobile


We enable you to have control on your business from any place, any time

100% Mobile First

It is Everything you need and More

Recommendation: Shay Zeltzer, Co-Founder and CTO @ TAPKIT
״We jumped into the water and within two hours we had the "Raananim Fresh Leaves from Nature" online store up and running. Two years later with 10,000 customers and over 3 million dollars in sales, 1,000 deliveries per week, dozens of couriers, pickers and suppliers... I can say that there is no more flexible and efficient direct online sales management platform. And how much does this fun cost? This is really the big surprise״
Shay Zeltzer, Co-Founder and CTO @ TAPKIT
The fastest, most convenient & intuitive online store

Make it easier to buy from you

with the fastest, most convenient & intuitive online store

Automatically personalisations display per customer preference 

Minimize customer decisions and clicks required  

Enable the fastest checkout for returning customers

Prevent customer disappointment with synced real time inventory status 

Secure consistent cash flow for your business  with customer subscription

Control your employees performance 

for maximize efficiency and continuously  improvement 

Analyze packing progress and phase with a glance 

Control visually delivery status to customers  

Place orders from suppliers at the click of a button

Give specific permissions  and prevent mistakes

Retrospect and improve the opration based on data

Packing analytica: Analyze packing progress and phase with a glance 
Real time customer support

Give better customer support with never before automation 

No more technical barriers

Get full access to customer's order in progress (see what they see)

Automated mailing and sms system to maximize sell and service updates

Bill hundreds orders with one click - after delivery and feedbacks have been collected  

Help (do not explain) your customers from any place 

Scale fast with marketing based on community

Analyze partners performance and get real-time insights

Everyone of your customers can become your marketer in seconds

Reward the partners with cash back or pay them with a click

Marketing analytics

Build your own network of partners & affiliations 

No more integrations to another plugin for advanced marketing tools

affilation analytics
One-click pick for upcoming deliveries and pickups
advanced, real time, orders to supply dashboard
Automated reports and data visualisation in real time 

Optimize everything you don't have to do yourself 

Stop wasting times on manual work

Schedule order cut-off times and black-out dates

One-click pick for upcoming deliveries and pickups

Automated announcement when new sale is available 

Automated labels, receipts, and invoices

Automated reports and data visualisation in real time 

MyPips is for...

Family Farm

Food Hubs

Buying Clubs


Co - Ops




Local food entrepreneurs


Home Chefs

Specialized producers


Ready? Want to position yourself as part of future of Local Direct Sales